Aksarapak Bondu finished her bachelor degree from Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, majored in Thai dance and minored Thai language. The love for Thai culture and the eager to preserves the beauty in its tradition run deeply in her blood, as one day she promised herself that she will make the world acknowledge of what she’s in love with. She first started this business at Fairfax and Melrose Sunday market. After a while, she opened a shop called “Phukaw” at Main St. In Santa Monica then moved to Hollywood Blvd two years later. She hosted many shows for the Thai community such as The Thai New Years fashion shows and The Thai Chamber of Commerce 2015. As something very memorable, she had a chance to show cases her beautiful designs in Santa Monica pier earlier in 2015 and it was an amazing success. Aksarapak also designed for Miss Asia U.S.A. 2014 and Miss Teen Asia U.S.A. 2015 as they won Best National Costume. She also won an award for Best Designer of the Year from Virgelia Production in 2015. The Virgelia Production Haute Couture Fashion show in late 2016 was one of her most successful showcase featuring 3 other designers. Aside from being in the fashion market, Aksarapak is also the owner of a luxury high-end Thai spa called Sawadee Thai Spa located in Westwood Blvd and N. Vermont Ave.


Ruktawan Yuttawongs is the daughter of Aksarapak and the manager of The Phukaw. She has been helping her mother at the Fairfax trading market since she was in middle school. Pearl receives a great opportunity from her mother to organize her first show on April 2014 at the Thai New Years Festival. The following year she became the stylist of the Kanomjeen Festival, The Thai Chamber of Commerce event, and the Thai New Years Festival. Experiencing her life in the fashion industry for many years, her first time showing off the beautiful Thai culture to the world was earlier in June as a stylist of the brand on the event Thai Fest by the Beach 2015. Her most outstanding work in 2016 was the Thai cultural day and the Virgelia Production Haute Couture Fashion show. Later in 2017, Pearl became the new owner of The Phukaw.

Started in 2008 at the Fairfax and Melrose Trading Market, The Phukaw’s first appearance was displayed. Every Sunday we waited in line to set up our booth and sell our products. Many buyers show interest and appreciation towards the Thai culture with their kind words and attitudes. After spending our Sundays at the market for about 3-4 years, we opened up the first location at Main St. Santa Monica. Two years later The Phukaw moved to Hollywood Blvd, Thai Town.
We have all kinds of Thai costumes from children’s costumes, beauty pageant wear to wedding dress sets for brides and grooms, and the bride’s mate & groom’s man. We provide causal Thai traditional outfits for attending temples and formal events. For those who seek for specific sizes and design, here at the store we offer the custom made service. Most of clients prefer having the outfit custom made for the better fit of their unique body types.

The Hill Tribes styles are from the Northern part of Thailand. The Phukaw bring in the mix of the Akah, Yao, Hmong, Karen long neck tribe, and Ekor tribes clothing to the store. All the materials are at least 30-40 years old. We had the merchandise cleaned sanitarily for customers’ health conditions before displaying at the store. We then have them hand made the clothes to our designs. Note that some of these clothes are the original ones. Most of the hill tribes clothing are one of a kind and does not have stocks.

Other than clothing, we have house, spa, and restaurant decorations: pillow cases, mobiles, pictures, etc

Jewelries come in Gold and silver for traditional costumes. Others we have varieties of fashion jewelries and the hill tribes’ accessories such as hairpins, hair clips, flower clips, and many more!

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